In Praise of Poetry

poetryHello writers, this is Adair Heitmann writing to you on this cold morning in January. This week’s presidential inauguration reminded me of the power of poetry. American poet and teacher, Richard Blanco, was the inaugural poet, reading his poem, “One Today.” I didn’t hear him recite it, but I read it online later in the day. His reflections were powerful, simple, and thoughtful.

Poetry has always touched me deeply, it reaches places in my psyche that prose never can.

To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion all in one. -John Ruskin

The poet doesn’t invent. He listens. -Jean Cocteau

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. -Plato

Until next time, keep on writing, and if a poem tumbles from your soul today, cradle it.


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  1. I love poetry but don’t read enough of it. There are a couple of apps, though, that deliver poems to my phone, and I’m grateful.

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