Write a Novel in a Month

Hello to all you writers out there, this is Adair Heitmann writing to you about NaNoWriMo. “What?” Have I started speaking in baby-talk? No, I’m talking about the growing sensation of National Novel Writing Month which starts on November 1, 2011. To quote from their website it is “Thirty days and nights of literary abandon.” What’s not to like about that?

Forget preparing the house for Thanksgiving guests, let your friends eat from tarnished silverware. Have to cook every night after work? Let your family eat frozen dinners for a month. Clean clothes, who needs them? Rides to school? Let the kids walk, it’s healthier for them. Spend time at the gym? What are a few extra pounds anyway? Sit down, claim your inner writer and focus on writing a draft of your entire novel in a month. Don’t edit, just write. I’ll bet you come out a different person, filled with more joy and passion, and a better writer after just thirty days.

A colleague shared with me the storyfix.com website which offers on-going day-by-day encouragement, information, and support for all NaNoWriMo veterans. Here’s another resource to check out it’s called Primer and shares information on how to survive writing your novel in a month. Some local libraries are posting daily hints and tips on their Facebook pages. There is a groundswell of interest in Fairfield County about NaNoWriMo. Why not join in the fun?

NaNoWriMo has even recruited an all-star team of contemporary, leading-edge published authors to give you pep talks, all through the NaNoWriMo website. What could be better than that? I’ll leave you with one last thing before I go and stock up on frozen dinners for the month . . . this quote by Teresa Jordan, “If we don’t tell our stories, they will be told by people who do not understand them at all.”

Until next time, keep on writing!


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  1. It’s Nov 13th and I’m up to 21,000 words, which isn’t quite enough to keep me afloat if I have to cook a Turkey and all that that entails. Must buckle down! But at least I have a plot…

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