A Writer’s Website: Part Four

Hello to all you writers out there! This is Adair Heitmann continuing to help you take manageable steps in creating your own website. Please scroll down to June, July, and August to read about earlier information.

Today I’ll be talking about putting samples of your writing on the website. The answer to the question should you or shouldn’t you is a resounding yes. You’re a writer, right? Every artist works in a medium and words are your medium. If you have published a book, you might offer a sample chapter on your website. If you are unpublished you may want to add a few of your poems, always copyrighting them of course.

This past summer I led a program on how to build a writer’s platform, at the end of the event a writer asked if she should include articles previously published in newspapers. I answered, “Yes.” This brought me to a technology teaching moment that I’ll share with you now. If the article has been published recently it will be online. Simply include a hyperlink from your website to that published article. However if the article is from 1967, before the digital age, what can you do?

If you have hard copy of the printed article you can scan it into your computer and make a PDF file of it. Then insert the PDF file into your website. If you don’t own a scanner, never fear, bring the hard copy of the article to your local copy shop, along with a flash drive. Have them scan it and copy it to your flash drive. Upload that at home to your computer and add that link to your website.

Until next time, cheers, don’t let the technology get you down, and keep on writing!

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