The Journey of a Writer

Summertime greetings to all you writers out there from Adair Heitmann. How is your writing going? Do you have less time to improve your craft during the hot, humid days of summer? Or do your work and personal responsibilities ease up during July and August, affording you ample opportunities to flesh out your memoir? Is your life quieter so you can hear the soft voice inside waiting for time and space to come out? Or is your summer so full of other outside voices that you can’t wait for school to begin again?

In the summer months, many people travel. I like to think of writing as a journey with interesting side trips. The journey takes preparation, willingness, stamina, and a sense of adventure. The writer needs to trust that it isn’t always the destination that is important, it is the process. When I write, then share my creations with my writing critique group, or send my essays, books, and poems out for publication or to contests and agents, those extroverted actions bring me in touch with people, places, and organizations that I never would have encountered, if I had not started the journey.

When I have bad days, days in which I can’t write for as long as I’d like or at all, or if I get a rejection letter, I remember that I’m in it for the long haul. My dedication to writing is like a trip around the world, not across town. The art of writing has its ups and downs, twists and turns, and it has magical moments. Experiences filled with wonder, acceptance, and connection.

Until next time, enjoy the journey of your summer, and keep on writing!

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  1. Hi! Your blog is a lovely find. I love wandering around on here.
    Thank you.

    Re Writing Groups.

    I run women’s writing workshops out of my home in Rowayton, CT. . . . It’s the most delightful work I’ve ever done.


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